Today’s Date is Saturday, April 4, 2020 8:54 pm

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is welcome here.

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Hump-day may have come and gone but the weekend is almost here, which is why we’re gonna destress and relax with some tasty frozen margaritas; that won’t break the bank, so we can have the best chill vibes when it arrives. 

Order up some music requests and get your ear-holes filled with beats served by DJ Josh Atoms, who might just save your life tonight with some sweet tunes. 

If you’re looking for something to do and wanna chill out, why not join us?


DJ, music, throwback, drinks

temporarily closed

On March 17th, 2020, and the recent outbreak of the Covid19 Global Pandemic, Roosters will be closed in order to comply with the Governor's mandate, in order to protect our customers and employees from spreading or contracting the virus.

We care about your health and ours too! Make sure to keep a safe social distance (6 feet), wear a mask and gloves if leaving your residence, and carry disinfectant wipes when at all possible.

Please stay safe and check in with us on social media platforms and our website for updates as they become available.